8th July 2022 – Winter School!

This week students from EBA participated in our 5th Annual Winter School held at our Joondalup studio! Open to dancers aged 7-15, each day started with an Open Classical Ballet class. Classical Ballet is the perfect way to warm up our bodies, and with focussed minds first thing in the morning is the ideal time to work hard on developing technique and working on a more ‘serious’ style before taking our ‘fun’ workshops in the afternoon. Classical Ballet is the basis of all dance styles, so it is an imperative skill to learn then master.

Two dancers performing Classical Ballet in their Pointe Shoes in the Erin Nash Ballet Academy EBA Dance Studio in Joondalup
Miss Erin coaching Ruby in her Centre Pointe Work


Tuesday afternoon we welcomed Miss Jess into the studio for our Contemporary Workshop. Miss Jess has such unique and modern style to her choreography, and our dancers enjoyed learning a challenging and very detailed routine.

A group of dancers posing with their journals at the end of Winter School at EBA.
A group of our dancers from our Reflection and Goal Setting workshop

We finished the day with Miss Dylan hosting Musical Theatre. Now I can’t tell you the last time I heard this much laughter come from the studio… the girls were having the BEST time! This is exactly what I love about Winter School, the students not only being exposed to different styles of dance and performance, but having amazing new teachers sharing their knowledge and passion within our studio walls.

A young dancer focussing very hard on taking notes from the whiteboard.
Charlotte working hard on writing down her interpretation of the EBA Core values… Excellence, Elegance & Encouragement.

Tuesday concluded with a goal setting workshop… my personal favourite! We all wrote letters to our future selves along the lines of…

Dear Diary,

Today is 6th July 2023,

I can now do the splits on both my left leg and right leg, and can do my aerial on the floor without using the air track. I am getting straight A’s at school and can do my own hair before school each day… so no more fighting with Mum.

Hehe 🙂

Journey Diaries


Time for a hot bath and a big sleep before Day 2 tomorrow!

Want more info on how to book into Winter School? Visit www.ellenbrookballet.com/winter-school

Amelia reading out her goal of quitting netball to focus more on her ballet 🙂 Music to my ears!

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