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Hosted by Ellenbrook Ballet Academy & West Coast Music School Time to Shine is Perth’s newest and most creative way to spend your time this school holiday. Singers, Dancers, Actors & Musical Theatre enthusiasts aged 6 -12 are invited to join us in our inaugural event guaranteed to delight. 

Held over four days in the beautiful setting of the True North Block, our stars will attend daily workshops covering all aspects of the performing arts, providing them a valuable well rounded experience. Workshops include dance, singing, drama, &  music, as well as elective subjects tailored to the individual’s areas of interest. 

All of the newfound & developed skills will be brought together on the final day in the form of a showcase performance for friends and family. 

The session runs from 9-3pm each day, with free before and after care from 8-5.30pm available for those families who need it, as well as daily morning tea. Stars may attend Time to Shine for single days, the whole week or a mixture of days! Simply select which days on the application form when filling in. Due to the showcase, it is best to be present the whole week but kids who come for Wednesday to Friday do fantastically as well. Coming only for Friday can put pressure on the child so we recommend attending at least Thursday – Friday.

Time to Shine is your stars’ next step in their performing arts journey. From the beginner enthusiast, to the advanced performer, all are embraced, nurtured and catered for . 

They will leave the week feeling empowered & enchanted.

They will develop an overwhelming sense of self confidence. 

They will believe in themselves.

They will Shine. 

Time is the continued sequence of existence and events that occurs in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future. How your child spends that time is your ultimate choice.

Will you choose to give your child the gift of Time to Shine?

Bookings open Monday 15th November 7pm.