The EBA Competition team has had a fun-filled weekend performing and competing at “WA Dance Expo”. In the crazy year of 2020, we have only managed to fit in two competitions this year (normally we compete in 5 or 6!) If anything, it makes us all the more thankful to be up on stage dancing, especially our Elite Performance Extension Program Dancers who really love performing with their friends.

We had some wonderful results that I have listed below:

(HM = Honourable Mention/4th Place)

6 Years Classical Ballet Solo

  • HM Charlotte
  • HM Tess

8 Years Ballet Solo Open

  • 2nd Mayer

8 Years Lyrical Solo Intermediate

  • HM Mayer
  • HM Shaylia

10 Years Lyrical Solo Open

  • HM Madeleine

10 Years Tap Solo Novice

  • HM Maddison

10 Years Contemporary Solo Novice 

  • 3rd Madeleine

10 Years Ballet Solo Open

  • 2nd Madeleine

10 Years Open Style Solo

  • HM Madeleine (Demi-Character)

8 Years Jazz Solo Intermediate

  • HM Mayer

10 Years Ballet Solo Novice

  • HM Acacia
  • HM Poppy
  • HM Marley

12 Years Lyrical Solo Intermediate

  • 2nd Crystal

12 Years Jazz Solo Novice

  • 2nd Crystal

10 Years Lyrical Solo Novice

  • HM Poppy

10 Years Lyrical Solo Intermediate

  • 3rd Stella

10 Years Jazz Solo Novice

  • 3rd Emma

12 Years Contemporary Solo Novice

  • HM Lindy
  • HM Crystal

4 Years Ballet Solo

  • 1st Avalea
  • 2nd Isabella

12 Years Ballet Solo

  • 2nd Crystal
  • HM Lindy

10 Years Contemporary Solo Novice

  • 3rd Shaylia

8 Years Ballet Solo Novice

  • 1st Shaylia
  • 2nd Ava


  • 2nd Place Tap Troupe 
  • 3rd Place Lyrical Troupe
  • HM Classical Ballet Troupe
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