2020 sure has thrown some curve balls for our ballet dancers, so for a competition studio like EBA, not being able to participate in competitions throughout the year has definitely been a challenge. Due to this, we were so excited to be able to finally hit the stage for our first comp of 2020 last weekend, Follow Your Dreams.

With the competition organisers being stuck interstate, all the local studio owners volunteered to do all the behind the scenes jobs to get the event up and running. So seeing our students up there performing and doing what they do best was a common goal for all of us, and I am so thankful for getting to work alongside these ladies over the weekend.

At Follow Your Dreams, our dancers perform their routines (solo, duo, trio or groups) in front of a judge as well as a live audience. As the dancers are performing, the judge records a voice memo giving live feedback as the dancer is on stage. This is then recorded and the dancer receives it at the end so knows what the judge thought of their performance. It is a wonderful tool for our dancers to use to improve their routines, and have feedback as to why they did or didn’t place. 


EBA was so lucky to have so many wonderful results at this competition, and a special shout out to those dancers who performed at a competition for the first time – Tess, Ruby, Acacia, Isabella, Avalea, Charlotte, Alexis and Lucy. When we see potential in a student we approach both the dancer and the parent with the opportunity to join our competition team, so thank you for taking the plunge and saying yes! We hope you had a wonderful first experience and that this is the first of many comps you will perform in.

Now to share with you our fantastic photos and results!

(*HM = Honourable Mention and could be described as a 4th place)

Day 1 Thursday


Charlotte Ballet 2nd Place

Avalea Ballet 3rd Place

Lily Jaz 1st Place

Lily TOP 5 OVERALL Highest Score for 5yrs/under


  • Shaylia Jazz HM
  • Shaylia Tap 3rd Place
  • Lucy Tap HM
  • Madison K Lyrical 1st Place
  • Shaylia Lyrical 3rd Place
  • Shaylia Ballet 2nd Place
  • Madison K Ballet 3rd Place
  • Shaylia Contemporary 2nd Place
  • Madison K Contemporary HM


  • Lyrical 1st Place Tiarra
  • Neoclassical 3rd Place Tiarra
  • Ballet HM Tiarra

Day 2 Friday


  • Maddison B Neoclassical 3rd Place
  • Marley Neoclassical HM
  • Mayer Jazz 3rd Place
  • Madeleine Open NeoClassical 3rd Place
  • Marley Demi-Character HM
  • Poppy Demi-Character HM
  • Stella Tap 3rd Place
  • Emma Tap HM
  • Madeleine Lyrical 1st Place
  • Stella Lyrical 2nd Place
  • Mayer Lyrical 3rd Place
  • Evelyn Lyrical HM
  • Claire Lyrical HM
  • Emma Lyrical HM
  • Mayer Ballet 3rd Place
  • Emma Ballet HM
  • Evelyn Ballet HM
  • Madeleine Ballet HM
  • Maddison B Ballet HM


  • Tamara NeoClassical 1st Place
  • Tamara Lyrical 3rd Place

Day 3 Saturday


  • Crystal Neoclassical 2nd Place
  • Lindy Lyrical 3rd Place
  • Crystal Lyrical HM
  • Crystal Ballet HM

Day 4 – Sunday

  • Jazz Duo/Trio (9yrs)
  • 3rd Place Shaylia and Emma
  • 2nd Place Maddison and Mayer
  • Tap Duo/Trio (9yrs)
  • 3rd Place Madeleine and Evie
  • 1st Place Shaylia, Mayer and Emma
  • Lyrical Duo (7yrs)
  • 1st Place Ava and Alexis
  • Lyrical Duo (9yrs)
  • HM Shaylia and Stella
  • HM Evelyn and Annalise
  • 3rd Place Mayer and Emma
  • 2nd Place Madeleine and Maddison
  • Classical Duo (9yrs)
  • 2nd Place Madeleine and Mayer
  • 1st Place Shaylia and Stella
  • Contemporary Duo (9yrs)
  • 2nd Place Shaylia and Mayer
  • Tap Troupe
  • 1st Place EBA
  • Lyrical Troupe
  • 2nd Place EBA
  • Classical Ballet
  • 1st Place EBA
  • Lyrical Duo (11yrs)
  • 1st Place Lindy and Crystal
  • Lyrical Duo (Open)
  • HM Miss Amber & Tamara
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