Our competition team recently performed at one of Perth’s most established and long running competitions, “West Coast Dance Festival” during the first week of the school holidays. The event was held at the Swan Park Theatre in Midvale, and our EBA Competition dancers sure did us all proud! With some early mornings and late nights, competitions are not all sparkle and trophies believe me! But the fantastic results are worth all the behind the scenes chaos that no one ever sees.

A special shout out to those of our dancers who competed for the very first time this season. Taking that leap into the competition side of dance is not an easy one, and your first comp is always a difficult and nerve racking experience (not only for the dancers but for their family as well!) but I’m sure you will all agree that now you have dipped your toes that there is no going back!

WCDF marks our final competition for the season with all hands on deck now focussing on our Stage Spectacular in December, but we look forward to hitting the competition scene again next April!

Results and photos below:


Jazz Under 10 Novice

3rd Alyssa

Ballet Under 10 Open

3rd Izabella

HM Mia

Tap Under 7

SM Shaylia

Classical Ensemble Under 8

1st- EBA

Lyrical Under 10 Novice

HM Alyssa

Tap Duo Under 10

2nd Mia & Scarlette

Ballet Under 10 Novice

2nd Alyssa

SM Aimee

Lyrical Under 8

SM Jasmine

SM Poppy

Tap Under 8

HM Madeleine

HM Emma

Jazz Duo Under 10

SM Mia & Scarlette

Ballet Duo Under 12

2nd Alicia & Madyson

Tap Under 9 Novice

2nd Scarlette

Acro Under 12 Novice

HM Kaidanse

Lyrical Under 12 Novice

HM Tamara

Tap Under 10 Novice

HM Mia

Jazz Duo Under 12

2nd Madyson & Alyssa

Tap Troupe Under 12

1st – EBA

Ballet Duo Under 8

1st Ella & Jasmine

Ballet Solo Under 7

2nd -Mayer

3rd – Shaylia

HM – Stella

HM – Madison

SM- Brooklyn

SM – Sadie

SM – Ava

Tap Duo Under 12

2nd Alicia & Madyson

Ballet Solo Under 8

3rd Ella

HM – Poppy

SM – Scarlett

Ballet Duo/Trio Under 10

1st – Alyssa Scarlette Mia

Jazz Under 7

SM – Shaylia

Neo-Classical Under 14 Novice


Classical Ensemble Under 12

1st- EBA

Jazz Under 8

SM – Jasmine

Jazz Duo Under 8

3rd- Emma & Shaylia

IMPROVISATION – Lyrical Under 12

2nd – Mia

3rd – Lindy

HM – Tahlia

SM – Scarlette, Alyssa, Izabella, Jasmine

Lyrical Duo Under 8

1st Emma & Mayer

Song & Dance Duo Under 10

2nd Mia & Scarlette

Demi Character Under 8

3rd Jasmine


HM – Jasmine

HM – Izabella

SM – Scarlette, Mia, Alyssa, Izabella

Ballet Under 12 Novice

2nd – Jorja

HM – Tiarra

Lyrical Duo Under 10

2nd- Mia & Scarlette

3rd – Claire & Phoebe

Tap Under 11 Novice

3rd- Madyson

3rd- Tahlia

National Character Under 12 Novice

2nd – Scarlette

IMPROVISATION – Ballet Under 12

1st- Izabella

1st- Scarlette

3rd- Mia

Lyrical Duo Open Age

2nd Amber & Tamara

Lyrical Under 11 Novice

2nd – Tahlia

SM – Madyson

SM- Crystal

Demi Character Under 10 Novice

3rd – Scarlette

HM – Izabella

Jazz Under 11 Novice

3rd – Madyson

Neo-Classical Under 10 Novice

2nd- Scarlette

Neo-Classical Under 10 Open

1st- Mia

Ballet Under 12 Novice

HM – Madyson

SM – Talia

SM- Crystal

Lyrical Duo Under 12

1st – Tahlia & Izabella

2nd- ALyssa & Madyson

HM – Lindy & Crystal

Under 12 Classical Champ

1st – Mia

Lyrical Troupe Under 12

1st – EBA

Neo-Classical Under 18 Open

1st – Tamara  

Lyrical Duo Under 16

2nd- Avie & Kaidanse

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